Australia’s “long-term goal” a farce!

Once again, the people of Australia have been conned by governments and corporations.

A forgotten or rather well hidden fact is that Australia’s health minister Mr. Greg Andrew Hunt stated in an article that was posted on the 21st of February 2021 on the government’s website, that the goal of those in government is for the people or rather the general population to have something called ‘herd immunity’.

So, what is ‘herd immunity’?

In layman’s terms it is the non interference with regards to any trial drugs or new treatments against the threat, where the person’s immune system combats it in a natural way.

The term’s definition (as seen in the feature image) and many others has changed since the current global event.

Some European countries stated that this was their plan from the very beginning, i.e. not in 2021, as in the case of Australia.

Well that was not going to be the case here, anyway.

Victoria was the most ‘locked up’ state on the planet.

The premier Daniel Michael Andrews told people that when the (Victorian) population reached 70% participation in the trials, then they would be ‘released’ from their martial law like status.

That was a blatant lie.

He then changed the goal posts to 80%, 85%, 90% meanwhile knowing that the government goal is 100% and not telling this to the people.

Now even at >90%, we still have medical apartheid (only the vaxxed can participate in the ‘economy’) in Australia where the majority of the population supports this action, akin to the actions of masses of Germany in the 1930’s.

There is no such thing as ‘herd immunity’ at 100% uptake rate.

Tucker Carlson laughed at the stupidity of Aussies putting up with this.

See the Greg Hunt interview in its entirety within the link:


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