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Bill Gates

Why is BILL GATES Buying ALL the Farmland?

Bill Gates is now the largest farmland owner in America. Let's talk about why.
Bill Gates

Who Is Bill Gates?

All sources and transcript can be viewed here

What is the WHO?

REFERENCES Universal Declaration of Human Rights WHO Constitution and other basic documents WHO Appoints H1N1 Cover-Up Committee Newsweek reports on NATO intervention in PHEIC Archive ...

Does Dr Fauci read any of the scientific research that he does NOT fund?

A cluster randomised trial of clothmasks compared with medical masksin healthcare workers. When they say they “follow the science” they really mean they only follow ...
C19 Treatments

Discussion of meta-analysis & evidence to decision framework by Dr Tess Lawrie

Discussion with Dr Tess Lawrie about her META-ANALYSIS OF IVERMECTIN & EVIDENCE TO DECISION FRAMEWORK De Tess Lawrie has an MD & PhD. She grew ...
girl, child, face mask

Masks Are Neither Effective Nor Safe: A Summary Of The Science

By: Colleen Huber REFERENCES HERE Print this article and hand it to frightened mask wearers who have believed the alarmist media, politicians and Technocrats in ...
new zealand, cross, cemetry

Johns Hopkins University Newsletter Ran Study Saying COVID ‘Relatively No Effect on Deaths’ in U.S., Then Deleted It After Publication

By Nick AramaSEE THE ARCHIVED STUDY HERE Will Tony Robbins now be labelled a conspiracy theorist? https://freedomviatruth.org/storage/2021/01/tr_163291038640645_5749776775584841887_n.mp4 Johns Hopkins University Newsletter ran a study from Genevieve Briand, ...

The New Normal Documentary

The New Normal, a factual, 50-minute documentary that investigates The Fourth Industrial Revolution, what the 1% has to gain and the rest of us are ...
student, mask, school boy

Medical Face Masks – PTFE Polytetrafluoroethylene – Toxicity

by Simone M. Matthews Medical Face Masks are manufactured for use in clinical environments and are recommended to be changed frequently. Where masks becomes too ...

Use the correct language!!!!!!!!!! COVID-19 EXPERIMENTAL Vaccines

Precise language is an important way to combat disinformation. There are no COVID-19 vaccines. The correct terminology is that there are experimental COVID-19 vaccines, also ...
stay home stay safe, coronavirus, social distance

Peer Reviewed Study Shows COVID Lockdowns Have No Benefits Compared to Voluntary Measures

Download the study here A new peer reviewed study by Stanford researchers has found that mandatory lockdowns do not provide more benefits to stopping the ...
corona, vaccination, world

WHO: No Guarantee COVID Vaccines Will Prevent People From Being Infected

At a virtual press conference held by the World Health Organization officials warned there is no clear evidence COVID-19 vaccines are effective at preventing asymptomatic ...
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