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Social media platforms pushing false information on medical treatments

Quite simply put, social media platforms like Facebook/Meta are providing their audience with false information with regards to the effectiveness of an alleged vaccine in …


Geo-engineering celebrating its 55th birthday in Victoria

‘Chem-trails’ is often referred to by many as a hoax or a tin foil hat conspiracy theory. But that is just another attempt by bad …


Zero infections

See medical article from the National Library of Medicine of the title: A study on infectivity of asymptomatic SARS-CoV-2 carriers With: Ming Gao  1 , Lihui …


The AEC’s electoral fraud

The AEC has offered the wrong information to voters, during a crucial voting window. It doesn’t matter if it’s deliberate or not. If a Dr …


Australia’s judicature, human rights abusers

Just because you don’t know you were raped, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Australia’s legal system is a farce, from its very inception. There are …


The court finds: No medication is without side effects

There is clear evidence that the COVID-19 vaccines carry with them a risk of harm. Father Seeks Vaccination for Children Against COVID-19. The mother seeks …


Australian election bombshell – The people are not in control

Politics in the colony of Australia is a dirty game, and at times illegal actions are carried out. In a previous post, the AEC (Australian …


TGA – No evidence on spike protein distribution

This official message within the Australian Senate should give alarm bells to those who took part in the largest global trial and with regards to …


Victoria the secretive police state

The governments within the self-governing colony called Australia are all secretive police states in their own unique right. In this instance Victoria is in the …


Did the AEC just admit to a criminal offence?

AUSTRALIA, we (the people) have a problem! The Australian Electoral Commission has removed a post made by a candidate of a political party, One Nation. …


Does the Prime Minister have allegiances to foreign powers who fail to act in the best interest of the Australian People?

In a recent Freedom of Information request seeking information on the Prime Minister and Cabinets involvement with the Socialist World Economic Forum it was revealed …


Does the Commonwealth have the power to recommend ‘vaccinations’ and booster shots?

The Constitution provides the subject matters of which the Commonwealth has its law making powers, within those powers are limited health powers. Section 51(xxiiiA) is …

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