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Pfizer knew their ‘vaccine’ would kill

In reality the liquid cannot be classified as a ‘vaccine’ as it does not confer immunity. See submissions from the recent 6th Circuit Court case …


Fascists in control of public health information

It’s very difficult for people to comprehend that Australians live under a fascist régime. Public health information is hidden from the public behind a pay-wall! …


The ABC far left fascists limiting ‘free’ speech

The ‘Australian Government’ controlled mouthpiece is the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, which spans the airwaves over television, radio and the internet. Democracy is pretty much dead …


What you are not told when purchasing an electric vehicle

ANOTHER GOVERNMENT CON JOB! One of the jobs of those in government is to keep the economy going, ‘their’ economy. You (the serf), MUST keep …


What is the first job of a government?

That is a fair enough question, where many people may not know the answer to. Over the past few years some may be of the …

C19 Treatments

Can CBD protect against ‘the’ disease?

See within:  


Federal MP George Christensen on Digital ID & Big Data & Big Gov

See video from federal parliament, and even look out for the hansard:


Australia’s parliament a scam at the public’s expense

The colony’s federal parliament is a joke to democracy and free speech to say the least. Australians are deliberately led down a communist fascist path …


Supreme Court of Victoria – Harding v Sutton

Judicial corruption at its finest. Rise against system or unlawful mandates in this case, and the corrupt judiciary will swing into action and protect those …


VCAT and medical authorities corrupt to the core as witnessed in a hearing

VCAT (Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal) and the medical authorities are working together in collusion against the people, period. The government led oppressive régime against …


Scott Morrison not sworn in correctly as Prime Minister

According to the PM’s website Scott Morrison was allegedly sworn in to office on the 24th day of August 2018, as the 30th Prime Minister …


Corrupt head cop Mick Fuller gunning for parliament

Australia is a nation once “roamed by rascals and outlaws” is something China said a little while ago, well at least publicly in 2014 anyway. …

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