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Australia’s parliament a scam at the public’s expense

The colony’s federal parliament is a joke to democracy and free speech to say the least. Australians are deliberately led down a communist fascist path …


Supreme Court of Victoria – Harding v Sutton

Judicial corruption at its finest. Rise against system or unlawful mandates in this case, and the corrupt judiciary will swing into action and protect those …


VCAT and medical authorities corrupt to the core as witnessed in a hearing

VCAT (Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal) and the medical authorities are working together in collusion against the people, period. The government led oppressive régime against …


Scott Morrison not sworn in correctly as Prime Minister

According to the PM’s website Scott Morrison was allegedly sworn in to office on the 24th day of August 2018, as the 30th Prime Minister …


Corrupt head cop Mick Fuller gunning for parliament

Australia is a nation once “roamed by rascals and outlaws” is something China said a little while ago, well at least publicly in 2014 anyway. …


‘Big Data’ & governments now have access to your heart.

As we should know ‘smart’ watches have been around for a while, where they have really been taken up by the mainstream ‘consumers’ for over …


We have Been Chipped. And Nobody Cares, Government PsyOp Fast Tracked

One of the most important aspects of today’s world is your privacy, i.e. that being the data you generate, where corporations & governments need/want/demand it, …


NSW Premier publicly admitted the QR Codes mandate was just a media stunt

The current premier of New South Wales Dominic Perrotett, made the admission publicly that QR code scanning by the general population before entering a business …


No Jab No Social Security?

The next phase in government sanctions/oppression on the people is being put into action soon, and the people WILL accept it with little or no …


Victorian government quietly shuts down monitoring?

During the apparent global health crisis, where the alleged virus is by far the deadliest and most communicable one thus far, well according to the …


Retired Australian Law Lecturer Says Covid-19 Vaccine Mandates Are Illegal

In a recent essay retired Darwin lawyer Geoff James outlined why the local government’s vaccine mandates are illegal, which highlights why other pandemic issues are …


Should you (the general public) wear a surgical mask?

Remember the good ol’ days in Australia? No, we’re not talking about when petrol was 20 cents per litre or that our dollar was USD …

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