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The pandemic is over… only in Victoria?

Hooray! The pandemic is apparently over! Australians can rejoice! Well, not exactly. The pandemic is over for Victorians only and not the rest of the …


WEF “Tackling Disinformation” – How ironic!

Apparently the World Economic Forum has put out a digital ‘manifesto’ (you know something usually used by villains) for the world to see how they’re …

C19 Treatments

Pfizer, FDA, CDC Hid Proven Harms to Male Sperm Quality, Testes Function, from mRNA Vaccine Ingredients

When the COVID-19 vaccine rollout to the public began in late 2020, medical professionals, public health agencies, and government spokespeople all assured the American public …


Stress – The Real Pandemic

The higher our emotions, the more stressed, anxious, and confused we generally are. We are also more susceptible to suggestion and solutions that provide temporarily …


Gold bullion no longer physically available to the public

As the saying goes: Possession is nine tenths of the law. We have obtained information that if one purchases a precious metal from the Perth …


Myocarditis associated with mRNA COVID-19 vaccination

A new Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) item to assist in diagnosing myocarditis associated with mRNA COVID-19 vaccination. See original link to website: http://www.mbsonline.gov.au/internet/mbsonline/publishing.nsf/Content/Factsheet-mRNA-Myo See document: …


‘The benefits of World Hunger’ – deleted from the UN site

The United Nations deletes an article promoting the ‘Benefits’ of World Hunger: ‘Hungry People Are the Most Productive People’. The article appearing on the United …


The lies and push towards cashless society

There is a lot of misinformation and deliberately falsified data in order to support a particular agenda. The topic of this post is cashless society, …


Police and media lies on speed camera vehicle ‘ambush’.

Australia’s mainstream media is the government’s propaganda tool, from the Murdoch ‘news’ empire selling you click-bait content to our own version of the ‘Xinhua News …


EXCLUSIVE: New car key battery laws mean replacing old sets ‘might not be possible’, will cost industry

The Australian Government is bringing in new laws on button batteries from next week, but what does it mean for you?   Snapshot Legislation comes …


Kmart, Bunnings and The Good Guys’ use of facial recognition technology on unsuspecting customers raises concerns

Australia’s leading consumer advocacy group has raised serious concerns about major retailers Kmart, Bunnings and The Good Guys using facial recognition technology to record customers’ …


Daniel Andrews forced to explain agency monitoring Victorians

Premier’s office forced to explain purpose of Insights Victoria. Daniel Andrews’ office will be forced to release details on the purpose of a Big Brother-style …

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