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Condemned public housing ‘slum’ still open for business

As a general statement, there are many corrupt persons in government departments. What is also more sinister is that even when caught out, the ‘CEOs’ …


47 studies confirm ineffectiveness of masks for COVID and 32 more confirm their negative health effects

Young children being forced to wear masks is of particular concern. from LifeSiteNews Prior to facemask mandates as an alleged preventive for Covid infection and …


No legal requirement to follow the Prime Minister’s directions.

When #ScottyFromMarketing is on the pulpit in front of the cameras, telling the good people of Australia what to do, the legal reality is that …


Scott Morrison (and state premiers) broke the law, so take them to court

The colony’s Prime Minister, Scott Morrison broke the law, where he must be taken to court. What happens when you (the serf) break the law? If …


Australia “was a ‘free country’…”, really?

Let’s just start off with: politicians lie to you all the time. During the mass gathering in Canberra of constituents voicing their concerns on the …


Has Governor General of Australia His Excellency General, the Honourable David Hurley fled the Commonwealth of Australia?

It seems that the current global health situation is a great distraction, where those in the government can ‘misbehave’. On the 27th of January the …


Canberra protest, mainstream media LIES

If there ever are any certainties in life, it was apparently stated by Benjamin Franklin that it’s death and taxes, where in today’s world we …


10 stabs looming for Aussies

It seems that Australians have been conned once again by the authorities. Nothing new in reality. First the government took away their freedoms. Then they …

man in blue crew neck shirt covering his face

Negative vaccine efficacy example in the UK

Summary This example shows that triple vaccinated people in the UK are more likely to be hospitalized, not less likely. In other words, the vaccines …


Political donations net the biggest returns on investment!

Fossil fuel companies, the Big 4 accountants, billionaires and the usual suspects. The Coalition bag-people came out on top, with more than $15 million more …


The Australian Government eradicating ‘free’ speech

Irrespective of which side is in power, left or right, Labor or Liberal, Australians are still under a fascist régime. The government is limiting their …


Western Australia supply shortage due to bureaucratic ‘bungle’.

There’s trouble in the wild wild west! The runaway state, Western Australia, within the colony is in serious trouble, where the people will suffer and …

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