The Australian Government eradicating ‘free’ speech

Irrespective of which side is in power, left or right, Labor or Liberal, Australians are still under a fascist régime. The government is limiting their online ‘free’ speech, if it was ever available in the first place. The ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) is Australia’s largest media conglomerate. It spans radio, television and print media. It’s …

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Government lies, hiding the fact that current ‘mandates’ are useless

The people in government lie. They lie to you a lot, every single day in fact. Do you know why? Because they can, with impunity, after all there is no False Information Act 1901 is there? With regards to today’s current global health situation, the ‘Australian Government’ stated the following with regards to the use …

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Djokovic matter exposes Australia’s corrupt legal system

There are a fair few points in Australia’s legal history that make zero (legal) sense, are ultra vires, or just plain and simple, laws have the not been installed lawfully. In the 1980’s the legal minds in the motherland were in fits of laughter at the at colony’s bumbling legal ‘professionals’, more like amateurs with …

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Australia’s “long-term goal” a farce!

Once again, the people of Australia have been conned by governments and corporations. A forgotten or rather well hidden fact is that Australia’s health minister Mr. Greg Andrew Hunt stated in an article that was posted on the 21st of February 2021 on the government’s website, that the goal of those in government is …

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The Anglo-masonic legal business in Australia is corrupt to the core. The High Court of Australia we have today is not the same one as at the time of federation. This one was enacted in 1979,  but was it done so ‘lawfully’? MANY so called ‘legal’ actions are not done so lawfully. Those in control …

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Cracking the Canberra Code

At the time of this post it seems that the website is down. To be more specific the information contained within is with reference to a post by the name of Cracking the Canberra Code. This information has been archived into an easy to read PDF:  

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