Did the AEC just admit to a criminal offence?

AUSTRALIA, we (the people) have a problem!

The Australian Electoral Commission has removed a post made by a candidate of a political party, One Nation.

Democracy is truly dead in this (dictatorial) colony called Australia!

So, let’s be clear about this:

Someone or rather a ‘person’ within the AEC, a ‘commission’ removed another person’s social media post.

The AEC does not have the lawful nor legal authority to take such action.

If any person disputes this fact, then we welcome that person to provide the lawfully enacted instrument that allows such an action to occur.

The person who removed that post, has (allegedly) committed a Commonwealth criminal offence, where this action must be investigated by the authorities.

Now, the real question is, will the general population hear from the mainstream media that an investigation will occur is another story.

To make matters ever more ‘precarious’ for the AEC, Commissions are not courts and cannot exercise any judicial power, as stated by the High Court in 2018 in the matter of Burns v Corbett.

That’s life in a (penal) colony.

See tweet at: https://twitter.com/auselectoralcom/status/1520931479383072771

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