Government Deception Exposed! ‘The Voice’ Referendum Question Unconstitutional? See High Court Files

The Australian Government has been exposed in ‘The Voice’ vote campaign where they are pushing for a yes result, or rather more accurately the Referendum question, regarding the voice of Indigenous Australians.

The general population has been deliberately mislead by the colonial government, a corporation aggregate commonly referred to as the ‘Australian Government’ with regards to the proposed altering of the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act.

The Albanese government must cease and desist (but as we know it won’t) in wasting a further $300 million of hard working Australian’s tax dollars on this farce of a referendum.

Households across the colony have received the booklet of the title “Your official referendum booklet”.

The “Voting is Compulsory” statement made by the Australian Government, may be partially true, only when one has enrolled or rather signed a contractual obligation with the Australian Government to vote, where the action of changing the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act does not fall under the ‘voting’ action.
See booklet:
Please also note that the corrupt governments (state and federal) together with the corrupt AHPRA have interfered with the doctor-patient relationship.
See: Form 12 – Application for a constitutional or other writ:
See 21 page document:
See 18 page document:
See 2 page document:
See 23 page document:
See 5 page document:
See 93 page document:
See 60 page document:
See 44 page document:
See 21 page document:
Total documents: 10, with a total of 288 pages.
Other sources for information about the 2023 Referendum:
– See interview by Cafe Locked Out with Dr. William Bay on the above High Court of Australia matter:
– See also 2hr 20min video (378MB @ 720p resolution) on The Crown, the Constitution, Property Law & the Voice:
– See explanatory video on how to fill in the referendum form:
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