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Negative vaccine efficacy example in the UK


This example shows that triple vaccinated people in the UK are more likely to be hospitalized, not less likely. In other words, the vaccines are doing the opposite of what the health authorities claimed. Mandating vaccination is actually making the problem worse, not better.

The FOIA request

Consider the following FOIA request from Feb 3, 2022:


Now consider the following stats:


So we have 130/182 = 71% of the patients in the hospital are triple vaccinated.

But only 45% of the public is triple vaccinated.

Negative efficacy

If the vaccines worked, we’d see that fewer than 45% of the patients are triple vaccinated. Instead, we see the opposite.

In other words, not only are the vaccines not working, but they are actually making it more likely you will be infected. Whoops.

UK Government data confirms negative efficacy

Reminds me of this chart showing similar negative vaccine efficacy.

The only question remains: when will people wake up?

by Steve Kirsch

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