New Zealand High Court case, good for Australians?

State/federal leaders do all sorts of illegal and unlawful actions, where it’s up to the PEOPLE to catch them out & take further action.

But most importantly one must be careful and abreast of the situation when leaving matters of significance in the hands of the justice ‘business’ as judges may not act according to the law, or as they call it ‘err’.

A judicial review would then be the order of the day.

The High Court of New Zealand obliterated the PM’s ‘mandate’ for government personnel to succumb to a medical service.

What does this mean for Australian government personnel or even Australia’s general population?

While there may be different laws in Australia and New Zealand, BOTH are still colonies of the British empire, where there is a (Commonwealth) legal ‘bridge’ called the Trans-Tasman Proceeding Act of 2010.

The citation for the illegal action by Jacinta Ardern in New Zealand is different to that of the action by Australian leaders.

For New Zealand, it’s under the Bill of Rights Act, whereas in Australia, it’s under the Constitution, Section 51. (xxiiiA) to be more specific.

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