No Jab No Social Security?

The next phase in government sanctions/oppression on the people is being put into action soon, and the people WILL accept it with little or no effective resistance, just like the people of China & Nth Korea have accepted their government’s ways.


Social Security is a polarising topic for many Australians at the best of times, where these days it can be more contentious.

Once it was called the Department of Social Security, then Centrelink and now Services Australia.

What’s in an name change, right?

Well, a lot more than what people are led to believe, but that’s another topic altogether.

We’ve obtained information from within, with regards as to what the #ScottyFromMarketing administration is planning to enact in approximately 5 months from now, that being August 2022.

Many people should be aware that in pop culture, the (United States) constitution is mentioned or rather emphasised as lot, when it comes to the actions of authorities against the citizen population.

In Australia, the story could not be more different, where even if one actually refers to the legal founding document of the colony Australia, then one get ridiculed by e.g. police, or even other administration staff.

People should be aware now of the ‘tricks’, enticements, blackmail and most importantly unlawful ‘requests’ used on persons in order for them to succumb to a medical service.

There’s No Jab No Play, No Jab No Job, No Jab No Pay catch phrases that people are being forced into.

No the federal government is planning to employ in August is the a person will not receive social welfare payments unless that person has succumbed to a particular medical service.

There are a fair few problems with that.

One is that Section 51 (xxiiA) of that ‘law’ called the Constitution forbids the Australian Government from providing medical and dental services in such a way as to oblige persons to accept those services.

The so called medical service that one must accept cannot be called what it is, as it does not provide the functions of what it’s referred to as.

Proof does not exist that that the follow up medical services that have been cleverly labelled as ‘up to date’ are factually effective.

Social modelling shows that when the safety net of welfare is taken away from the general population, criminal activity increases.

The authorities e.g. the police within the continent, in Western Australia and across the Tasman, in New Zealand are challenging the so called mandates and are having them nullified, whereas the general population must succumb to the unlawful request.

The general population do not comprehend the reality they live in on this continent.

While people are told that they live in a ‘democracy’ here, they certainly do not live in a ‘free’ society, as alleged elsewhere.

The actions are what’s important, as opposed to what is being ‘advertised’ to you.

Australia, still being a colony enforces ‘penal colony policies’ where now during the events of the past two years have put the government into a totalitarian régime.

The very thing that the police have fought for, the general population is being beaten and assaulted for

Make no mistake Australia is a police state.

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