The AEC’s electoral fraud

The AEC has offered the wrong information to voters, during a crucial voting window.

It doesn’t matter if it’s deliberate or not.

If a Dr accidentally gives you the wrong medication what happens?

Harm may have been caused.

It is reported .

An investigation takes place.

Often a lawsuit follows.

If the Dr is reported for giving the wrong medication, and the Dr is made aware, and then continues to give the wrong medication

What happens then ?

What if the Dr then started attacking the person complaining about the harm they were causing others?

They would likely be charged, and steps taken to ensure no further harm was caused to anyone else.


Doctors carry a lot of power and a lot of responsibility.

The AEC is giving out information to voters repeatedly that is incorrect and is causing harm.

It has the potential to change the result of the election.

It can change who represents you down in Canberra .

That is why there is a criminal complaint and the Australian Federal Police are going through the evidence.

I am taking this incredibly seriously, the integrity of our voting system matters to Australians.

Our legal team is building, and I’m am going to drive this hard until there is accountability.

The support I’m receiving for this is nothing short of a miracle .

Thankyou for walking beside me Australia


Authorised by Steve Dickson 9 Tyler Rd Mons 4545


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