The lies and push towards cashless society

There is a lot of misinformation and deliberately falsified data in order to support a particular agenda.

The topic of this post is cashless society, which is an action that is supported by governments and banks worldwide.

One of the main reasons for the support of cashless society is not for the benefit of the customers but rather the authorities, where monitoring and control of movement is the agenda.

Now, over the past four years prior to the beginning of the global health situation (2020), cashless transactions have been slowly on the decline, but as to whether this is because of the customers dictating this or the banks removing ATMs is up for debate.

The handling of cash is an unnecessary expense to both governments and banks, but from retailer’s point of view, “cash is king” where the preferred mode of business is with cash.

Corporations are forcing or ‘enticing’ customers to use smart phones, where a cashless transaction is only a tap away.

Australians are literally the most ignorant and lazy people when it comes to privacy and cybersecurity, where this is not going to change any minute soon.



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