VCAT and medical authorities corrupt to the core as witnessed in a hearing

VCAT (Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal) and the medical authorities are working together in collusion against the people, period.

The government led oppressive régime against the people is supported by another one of it’s arms that being the judiciary, i.e. the courts and police, remembering that there is no ‘separation of powers’ between the Executive, Parliament or Judiciary, as there is supposed to be.

That being said ‘tribunals’, whether it be the AAT (Administrative Appeals Tribunal) or each state’s Tribunal, are technically not courts and therefore cannot exercise judicial powers and jurisdiction, as per Burns v Corbett (2018) 253 ALR 386*

Irrespective they still try to oppress and con the people.

See video detailing a hearing within VCAT in March 2022:

This is something the mainstream media will NOT want you to see.

* See court case within the post:

Tribunals and Commissions are not Courts.






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