In a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act

“At no point in history, have the people forcing others into compliance, been the good guys. The welfare of humanity has always been the alibi of tyrants.”
Christine Anderson of the E.U. Parliament

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The Supreme Court of Queensland has ruled that COVID-19 vaccine mandates imposed by the Queensland state government on emergency workers during the pandemic were unlawful ...
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Government Deception Exposed! ‘The Voice’ Referendum Question Unconstitutional? See High Court Files

The Australian Government has been exposed in ‘The Voice’ vote campaign where they are pushing for a yes result, or rather more accurately the Referendum ...
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Masks may expose wearers to dangerous level of toxic compounds linked to seizures and cancer

DOWNLOAD THE STUDY Mask study published by NIH suggests N95 Covid masks may expose wearers to dangerous level of toxic compounds linked to seizures and ...
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Association between Face mask use and Risk of SARS-CoV-2 Infection – Cross-sectional study

Accepted manuscript Type: Original Paper Information: Epidemiology & Infection , Accepted manuscript , pp. 1 – 21 DOI: [Opens in a new window] Creative ...
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TGA FOI Document: Ivermectin use & request for WA Police assistance

See 78 page document:
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Australian Government Tyranny – COVID

Cruel, oppressive, dishonest, incompetent, self-serving Never before has Australia witnessed a government so bad.  We must NEVER FORGET… Nothing we have been told has been ...
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The Canadian Peoples Union NFP Drs.

MONOPOLY – Who owns the world [MUST SEE]

MONOPOLY – Who owns the world [MUST SEE]

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