Stress – The Real Pandemic

The higher our emotions, the more stressed, anxious, and confused we generally are. We are also more susceptible to suggestion and solutions that provide temporarily relief to our stress. Chronic stress, like alcoholism impairs our thinking, it reduces our sleep, ability to focus or objectively analyse and evaluate an issue to form rational judgement, whilst …

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Myocarditis associated with mRNA COVID-19 vaccination

A new Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) item to assist in diagnosing myocarditis associated with mRNA COVID-19 vaccination. See original link to website: http://www.mbsonline.gov.au/internet/mbsonline/publishing.nsf/Content/Factsheet-mRNA-Myo See document: From the original link: http://www.mbsonline.gov.au/internet/mbsonline/publishing.nsf/Content/509C2159875B8BF7CA2587AD00175660/$File/Factsheet-cardiac-MRI-myocarditis-COVID-19-vaccination%2001.04.22%20-%20Final.pdf Please note that the trial drug used on the Australian population from various manufacturers cannot be called a ‘vaccine’ as it does not confer immunity.

Social media platforms pushing false information on medical treatments

Quite simply put, social media platforms like Facebook/Meta are providing their audience with false information with regards to the effectiveness of an alleged vaccine in combating COVID-19. The World Health Organization states that: “The mRNA COVID-19 vaccines are as safe as other vaccines”, as seen within the above image. Pfizer and Moderna’s trial drugs are …

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Zero infections

See medical article from the National Library of Medicine of the title: A study on infectivity of asymptomatic SARS-CoV-2 carriers With: Ming Gao  1 , Lihui Yang  2 , Xuefu Chen  3 , Yiyu Deng  4 , Shifang Yang  5 , Hanyi Xu  6 , Zixing Chen  7 , Xinglin Gao  8 Affiliations PMID: 32513410 PMCID: PMC7219423 DOI: 10.1016/j.rmed.2020.106026 Free PMC article …

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Victoria the secretive police state

The governments within the self-governing colony called Australia are all secretive police states in their own unique right. In this instance Victoria is in the spotlight, where there is no government transparency even though the government spruiks that there is. Official meetings are held in secret is bad enough where constituents/tax payers, i.e stakeholders are …

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Does the Commonwealth have the power to recommend ‘vaccinations’ and booster shots?

The Constitution provides the subject matters of which the Commonwealth has its law making powers, within those powers are limited health powers. Section 51(xxiiiA) is known as the funding power of the Commonwealth, which is a power to fund medical and dental services, pharmaceutical benefits and alike. The States hold the power to regulate health, …

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