Social media platforms pushing false information on medical treatments

Quite simply put, social media platforms like Facebook/Meta are providing their audience with false information with regards to the effectiveness of an alleged vaccine in combating COVID-19.

The World Health Organization states that:

The mRNA COVID-19 vaccines are as safe as other vaccines”, as seen within the above image.

Pfizer and Moderna’s trial drugs are based on mRNA.

There are many problems associated with the WHO’s statement regarding COVID-19 ‘vaccines’.

The main one is that the trial drug cannot be labelled as a ‘vaccine’ as it does not confer immunity and therefore does not meet the definition of a vaccine.

See court case within the Supreme Court of the United Sates from the 4th of November 2021:

The other problem is that with regards to Pfizer’s very own documents, the drug is not safe.

See the 80000 pages document listing on the Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency website is within the link:

Pfizer’s Documents

The court documents are also available within this link:

Court Documents

Facebook/Meta are pushing this misinformation, because for one that’s the agenda and also that the WHO ‘paid’ for the advertisement.

When you the user, posts even government approved information on the global health situation, Meta marks the post as a COVID one and throttles its propagation.

Supreme Court of the United Sates document source:

The Covid-19 injections do not confer immunity, & therefore do not meet the definition of a vaccine.

Please also note that Australians were notified on the 21st of February 2021, by the federal health minister Greg Hunt that they are participating in the world’s largest ever clinical trial.


Even today (7th of June 2022) there is no certification for the RT-PCR test or any other test used in Australia to determine that one factually has the disease.


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