Australian election bombshell – The people are not in control

Politics in the colony of Australia is a dirty game, and at times illegal actions are carried out.

In a previous post, the AEC (Australian electoral Commission) has committed an illegal action, where it is certain that there will be no court action against the people within the Commission.

The problem there is for the people to allege that an illegal action occurred in order to summons the perpetrators to a court of law.

According to the colony’s Constitution, the people are ‘sovereign’ and in control.

Well that may have been the case in 1901, but not today.

Corporations have ursuped federal and state government departments.

In a desperate lie, in order for the prime minister Scott Morrison to stay on the stage, he states to the people of Australia, that he will ‘give power back to the people’.

Isn’t the people’s ‘power’ enshrined within the Constitution?

If today the people do not have any power, when exactly was it taken away?

Has the Constitution been thrown under a bus?

The problem also is that the so called journalists within the mainstream media are not drawing attention to this new fact.

The people have been deceived by government, where this deception is covered up by the media, and are not only oblivious to this but also complacent and ignorant.

How pathetic.

And what’s worse is that those truly in control are laughing at the alleged ‘bosses’ the constituents or rather corporate fodder., oops sorry ‘consumers’.

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