Canberra protest, mainstream media LIES

If there ever are any certainties in life, it was apparently stated by Benjamin Franklin that it’s death and taxes, where in today’s world we can easily add taxes after death, and that the mainstream media will lie to you.

The lies of the mainstream media are not just innocent errors, but rather deliberate false information.

For one, the protest in Canberra is not about being anti something, but rather pro-choice, or more specifically if we must use the word anti, then it’s anti-mandate.

Now the mainstream media labels those who do not agree with the ‘rule’ (as opposed to a lawfully enacted law or Act), or participating in the trial for the third time, ‘anti-boosters’.

What a joke.

The colloquial term in the United States for stealing something is to ‘boost’ it.

How appropriate.

The other lie stated is that there are apparently, 10000 people present.

In real world estimates the figure is more like 80 (eighty) times more at least?

7news claims that hundreds drove to Canberra:

Absolute garbage!

The ‘Australian Government’ via the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, limited the people’s comments on social media, where only one comment managed to slip through:

Keep trusting the mainstream media for all your information.

Do not research by yourself.

Remember to always trust the liar and hypocrite from ‘marketing’ (#ScottyFromMarketing).

Australia – Penal Colony Policies, since 1788.

For further reading about Australia, still being a colony, see the book:

Australia,  The Concealed Colony (1999), by Institute for Constitutional Educations and Research Inc.

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