Corrupt head cop Mick Fuller gunning for parliament

Australia is a nation once “roamed by rascals and outlaws” is something China said a little while ago, well at least publicly in 2014 anyway.

British tabloid, The Telegraph wrote that this is what China ‘claims’.

It’s not a ‘claim’ but rather a fact, with reference to this colony’s history.

Now, it gets even better.

Australia’s first police which was setup in New South Wales was made up of criminals, just ‘better’ behaved ones.

So, it was not even composed of ‘honourable’ people, it’s roots are not even honourable!

Fast forward to today, we still live in a colony, and the state’s top cops are corrupt, the problem being, you (the serf) just have to prove it, and that’s an arduous task.

This time we’re focusing on Mick Fuller, the 22nd Commissioner of the ‘business’ called New South Wales Police Force (ABN 43 408 613 180).

Who’s Fuller?

Well he’s #ScottyFromMarketing’s ex neighbour.

He’s also a member of a cult organsation called Hillsong, where he’s also Scotty’s mate.

Fuller is also responsible for shutting down the investigation of rape by former Attorney General Christian Porter after the allegation has been made public.

Fuller also deliberately failed to investigate and apprehend the person involved in the Angus Taylor (MP) fake documents affair.

Quite simply put Fuller perverted the course of justice, in the matters that at least made it into the public news media.

What about the matters that the public do not know about, where the ‘brotherhood’ had his back.

Let’s not forget that he is not acting alone, where he is ‘allowed’ to get away with what he is doing as the judicature is part of this corruption.

In the colony, supported career criminals are promoted to other positions.

In Fuller’s case, to further enhance his detrimental influence on the community he is gunning for office as a liberal MP.

Surely this cannot be for ‘good government’ (with reference to the Constitution) over the serfs, can it?

A convicted criminal in Victoria, Ms. Roberta Williams wanted to take a position in public office.

It seems that China needs to amend its statement or rather fact to “Australia is also run by rascals and outlaws

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