No legal requirement to follow the Prime Minister’s directions.

When #ScottyFromMarketing is on the pulpit in front of the cameras, telling the good people of Australia what to do, the legal reality is that he is talking to an empty room.

This is especially true if he is directing you to partake in a ‘medical service’.

Quite simply put, there is no lawfully enacted law that states that a person must follow any directions from the Prime Minister.

See video:

In this rhetoric he stated the following:

If you’re “asymptomatic, doesn’t have symptoms…”,

followed by some medical advice for you to partake in with regards to a medical service;

“Must have a rapid antigen test”

Let’s make this very clear that no person can force/entice/coerce another person to submit to a medical service.

This is entrenched within law, and supported by High Court rulings.

The doctor-patient relationship cannot be interfered with, where also prior to any medical service being carried out, you must be given full disclosure with regards to the service, otherwise there is no ‘informed’ consent given.

Scott Morrison publicly gave medical advice, something that he is not qualified to do under any circumstances, even in an alleged emergency.

Further legal references to this topic have been posted in the following link:

Scott Morrison (and state premiers) broke the law, so take them to court

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