Police and media lies on speed camera vehicle ‘ambush’.

Australia’s mainstream media is the government’s propaganda tool, from the Murdoch ‘news’ empire selling you click-bait content to our own version of the ‘Xinhua News Agency’ the ABC.

The primary objective of mobile speed camera vehicles is to obtain revenue for the state, under the false advertising of road safety.

People have caught on to this quite some time ago.

The opening statement by Peter Mitchell:

“A speed camera operator has been targeted in a cowardly attack on the Bellarine Peninsular” is a lie.

Please note that previously speed camera operators were police personnel, where there was no lawful delegation of duties to fall into private hands in order to obtain surveillance of a driver’s velocity, therefore making any allegations technically unlawful, but that is another topic altogether.

Victoria Police Assistant Commissioner Glenn Weir, then publicly states the following (deliberately) false information:

“Absolutely terrifying to be sitting in a car doing your job in the dark, and all of a sudden out of nowhere comes some lunatic who attacks you with a pole”

If Weir’s statement was presented in a so called ‘court of law’, to a judge or jury, then the picture he would have painted would be that a mentally impaired person physically injured the operator as a result of ‘attacking’ [him] with a pole.

In reality this did not happen.

The operator was not the target, the vehicle was.

How did Weir diagnose that the alleged offender was mentally impaired?

Weir’s public statement lacks credibility and has zero weight behind it.

He just publicly stated that he is an ‘unreliable witness’ even though he did not witness anything.

Police personnel lie in court every single day, period.

MANY statements by police falsely accuse defendants/respondents where as a result they are found guilty.

The problem there is also they do not have the resources to contest the matter further, as the legal system is deliberately designed for those who can afford to defend themselves, putting aside ‘favourable’ outcomes for the courts.

The legal system is one of the largest rorts in this colony.

See video:

Speed camera operator targeted in a cowardly attack near Geelong | 7NEWS – YouTube

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