The ABC far left fascists limiting ‘free’ speech

The ‘Australian Government’ controlled mouthpiece is the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, which spans the airwaves over television, radio and the internet.

Democracy is pretty much dead in Australia, as it’s relegated to a museum piece situated in Old Parliament House, or more commonly known as MOAD.

With all but a few nails needed into the coffin, Australians will be steered into a social credit score not too dissimilar to what’s installed in China, where dictatorial supremacy will be like in Nth Korea, but people will still believe that they live in a democratic society ’cause this is ‘straya, and “she’ll be right, mate!”.

It’s this blasé attitude that took away democratic law making process in Queensland, where the government removed the upper house.

Even though 60% of people voted against this, the government did what they wanted.

The ‘problem’ there was the people did NOTHING 100 years ago, and again they will do nothing when the final nails will be in place.

Australians have had the financial credit score system for quite some time now, where this was accepted with open wallets, just like the social score will be accepted in Australia soon.

Every law that passes through the parliaments (state and federal) is another nail in the coffin for democracy, curtailing people’s freedom of movement and choice.

Australians are still currently under medical apartheid, where it’s obvious that they are supporting this, or their actions will state otherwise.

Here’s something people can still do:

Stop The Digital Identity Legislation (Trusted Digital Identity Bill)


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