The pandemic is over… only in Victoria?

Hooray! The pandemic is apparently over! Australians can rejoice!

Well, not exactly.

The pandemic is over for Victorians only and not the rest of the colony.


“Because science”, that’s why!

You see in the colony, the so called virus is very smart as heralded in news conferences all over the land, where as a result it follows political boundaries.

Across the Murray river to the north, the state of New South Wales, is in pandemic mode.

A bit more north in Queensland, they’re in pandemic mode, a little to the left, or east, they’re in pandemic mode too not forgetting the south, that appendage called Tasmania well they’re obviously in pandemic mode where some may say that it’s ‘unprecedented’ totally forgetting the pneumonic influenza of 1918.


Quite simply, ‘because science’ or rather in ‘pandemic’ mode pharmaceutical corporations can sell their trial drugs under Emergency Use Authorisation.

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