Victoria the secretive police state

The governments within the self-governing colony called Australia are all secretive police states in their own unique right.

In this instance Victoria is in the spotlight, where there is no government transparency even though the government spruiks that there is.

Official meetings are held in secret is bad enough where constituents/tax payers, i.e stakeholders

are not being informed of how their funds are being used.

Would this be allowed in a publicly listed trading corporation?

What’s even worse is that now judicial actions which are technically ‘public forums’ are held in secret, something which is against the public interest.

Constituents have called on their elected Members of Parliament for the current Victorian premier Mr. Daniel Michael Andrews to resign, but as the Aussie slang term goes: “crickets”.

Victorian premier Andrews has committed criminal offences, which are yet to be made public.

New South Wales premier Ms. Gladys Berejiklian stepped down after the ICAC (Independent Commission Against Corruption) announced an investigation.

Yet, in Andrews case there is a secret hearing already in action and he is still in office as a premier.

It seems that Andrews has a tax payer funded militia at his disposal, where his brethren in the judiciary will dissolve his (alleged) criminal actions.

What’s more concerning is that the people are accepting this with their silence being acquiescence.

Government:1 People:0

That’s life in a (penal) colony.

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