We have Been Chipped. And Nobody Cares, Government PsyOp Fast Tracked

One of the most important aspects of today’s world is your privacy, i.e. that being the data you generate, where corporations & governments need/want/demand it, ALL of it, even your SPO2 level, but that’s another topic altogether.

We know that this privacy topic falls on deaf ears, as shown by the reliance of the use of your smartphones for your online activities, especially social media.

During this so called global health situation, a PSYOP was put into action for the next phase of government & corporate control over you.

The people are (deliberately) given a smartphone operating system duopoly (Apple, Google), as the authorities can administer two corporations easier than say five or nine.

The current New South Wales premier Perrottet ‘leaked’ that scanning of QR codes was a media stunt, yet you were conned that it was ‘mandatory’.

There is no lawfully enacted law that compels you to:

– own a smartphone,

– download an app and ‘login’ into places (via QR code) prior to entry,

– download an app to show a specific part of your medical history to a ‘nobody’.

It was all a CON JOB!!! !!! !!!

Testing your subservience to government & corporations, BUT most importantly preparing the next generation, that being your children to use smartphones in ALL aspects of their lives; licence, passports & QR codes which will become MORE popular, despite being a real security/privacy risk to you.

Don’t forget MANY of you already got accustomed to ‘tap n go’, and as a result of the so called health situation cash was demonised, where over the past few years cashless transaction over doubled paving the way for corporations AND banks for a HUGE win soon, when fully cashless will be implemented.

The herd’s LAZINESS is their undoing, where the problem there is that they take down the rest with them.

Smartphones are NOT secure (yet gov’s & corp’s ‘force’ you to use them), where there are PLENTY of attack surfaces, which corporations (e.g. Apple) DELIBERATELY do not tell you about, where the baseband modem is the root of all ‘evil’.

P.S. Rob Braxman talks about his experience with American Express, where their help desk is in India, the world’s scamming capital! WTF ??? !!! ???

AVOID credit cards especially American Express.


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