Western Australia supply shortage due to bureaucratic ‘bungle’.

There’s trouble in the wild wild west!

The runaway state, Western Australia, within the colony is in serious trouble, where the people will suffer and not those in government.

Supplies are about to run out by tomorrow, Tuesday the 8th of February 2022.

In this economic climate it is quite easy to blame the current global health situation for causing grief to many, BUT this is not so in this case.

The government has really screwed people over this time!

Trucks/supplies are coming in from the east, but the border is shut to them.

NOT due to the current health situation, but this time rather the bureaucrats.

Western Australia’s road ‘authority’ is not allowing (federal registered) trailers to come in into the state because it claims they are not up to scratch.

Keep in mind that when a trailer has federal registration, it can travel to ANY state/territory.

Looks like the buffoons really screwed up this time around!

As usual people will put up with this gross negligence by those in government.

Let’s see how the mainstream media reports this.

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