Legal remedies for all Australians (against a totalitarian state)

What the government does not want you to know:

The Australian people are in the middle of a highly sophisticated psyop against them, under the banner of health.

During this time there has been much deceit, yet surprisingly an enormous amount of information has been disseminated via governments, and people via platforms like social media.

In the colony called Australia, people are accepting of medical apartheid, much like the people of Germany in the 1930’s, all in the name of health.


There is no denying that:

– Australia’s medical profession has been even more corrupted as a result of the happenings of the past couple of years,

– Australia’s judiciary is a corrupt ‘old school’ boy’s club,

yet there is still plenty of hope for the average serf.

There are plenty of remedies offered in good ol’ fashioned law, where it’s not taught to the new students that will eventually become lawyers, barristers or QC’s.

So, what the people in government don’t want you to know is something called ‘human rights’.

They do not want you to know about this so much that they even ‘advertise’ this, as seen in the article from the 27th of July 2020.


Now, on Saturday the 18th of December 2021, at the Melbourne rally, a guest speaker provided some information to the audience which has been summarised, with references pointing to official government legislation.

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