Omicron – the end of covid?

Case fatality rate of Omicron is 10x better than Vax fatality rate. WTF?

As of 22nd Dec 2021 UK has 12 confirmed Omicron deaths out of 45k confirmed cases.
Fatality rate of 0.027% would get Omicron FDA approval.
“Standardized Mortality Rates after dose 1 were 0.42 & 0.37 for Pfizer & Moderna, and were 0.35 & 0.34 after dose 2”
Omicron is better than Pfizer or Moderna!


– Omicron is a very mild version of SARS-CoV-2

  • Most reliable doctors reporting symptoms are indistinguishable from a common cold.
  • Deaths are vastly lower. Hospitalisations both lower and shorter.

– Being “fully vaccinated” does not prevent, and in fact accelerates, catching omicron (Dutch data shows that fully VAXXED 40% more likely to catch Omicron than people who are 3X Jabbed or UNVAXXED)

-Omicron out competes other variants (UK data). It blasts through very quickly. All will be over in 2-3 months, at the most.

All in all – this is the very best we could have hoped for!

-Omicron spells the end of the Covid crisis

  • (unless a worse variant somehow emerges, or politicians cannot seem to let go of their maniacal devotion to power)
  • Please ignore the fear-mongers. The data does not even remotely support their positions.

Various world leaders, mainstream press outlets, and pharma companies are working hard to whip up fear and anxiety about omicron. Are those negative emotions deserved? No, not in the slightest.

Omicron spells the end of the Covid misadventure. At least that’s what the data suggests at this time. That’s great news. For you and me. Not so much for power and money-conflicted corporations and politicians who are rather attached to Covid being an endless and mind-numbingly expensive affair.

Omicron is explosively transmissive, that is quite true, but it is also incredibly mild compared to past variants of concern. For most people it’s barely a cold, if that. Sniffles, a headache, and some tiredness. True, a very small percentage of people run into trouble with it, but that’s been true of every prior cold and flu in history. It’s just how it works, and setting a new bar that says “our goal for omicron is zero deaths or illness” is simply delusional.

Life is a risk. Bad things sometimes happen. We absorb the losses and we move on. Before your country’s leadership uses omicron as an excuse to lock you down further, to destroy your economy even more, and to hamper your ability to live a full and rich life, you should do your best to learn the data and then share it. If necessary resist the imposition of new rules and agitate for the relaxation of old ones. More to the point, omicron doesn’t care if someone is vaccinated or not.

It explosively moves through every population it has entered as if three were zero difference between vaccinated and unvaccinated people. In other words, vaccines do nothing to temper the flow of omicron within or across a country. Bottom line: There’s no more reason to lock people down or to enforce vaccine mandates. Covid is over. The data is all coming up roses for omicron. The best we could have possibly hoped for. That’s what the data says.


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