Peer-reviewed study shows that masks don’t work at all

Highly acclaimed peer-reviewed Bangladesh study shows that masks don’t work at all

But we had to download the original data from GitHub to see that because they didn’t mention it in the paper. The bottom line: mask are a complete joke with no science to back it up. Pure politics.
Steve Kirsch

The Bangladesh mask study written by scientists from Stanford and Yale is now published in Science!!! So now nobody in mainstream medicine can attack the study.

The nice thing is the study showed that masks don’t work, but you’d never know it from reading the paper. You’d only know it if you saw the actual data. And they don’t show you the actual data. They only want you to see the data that supports the “masks work” narrative. They do NOT want you to see the data that doesn’t.

When you actually look at the data, the study showed masks make NO difference.

We asked the authors for the original data and we plotted the results for purple masks vs. placebo.

Guess what? Yup. NO DIFFERENCE!

Purple cloth masks (shown above) made no difference. Red cloth masks worked really well, better than the surgical masks (see text). The entire Bangladesh study was statistical noise; there was no measurable effect.

They never even mentioned purple cloth masks made no difference whatsoever. It had ZERO effect. ZERO.

Was this graph noted in the paper? Nope. It was NOWHERE TO BE FOUND IN THE PAPER!

This isn’t science folks. This is politics driving the narrative and it couldn’t be any more clear than this paper. It is Exhibit A on how to fool other scientists and the public by hiding the data.

Challenge your blue pill friends to explain the graph above

Go ask you blue pill friends to explain how, if masks work, you could get the results above. There’s no way.

They are welcome to download the data themselves at github if they don’t believe you. The authors clearly wanted to make it difficult for people to look at the underlying data. You have to download some expensive programs to look at the data. So that’s what we did to do our analysis.

The only explanation I’ve heard from a blue piller is “See, this proves that people who choose purple cloth masks over red cloth masks are simply much more likely to be infected than the general public. So when they put on the purple masks, it reduced their rate of infection to normal. That is why there is no difference.”

They have absolutely no data whatsoever to support that contention. It’s a hand waving argument that they pulled out of their <you know what>. Nobody has ever suggested anywhere that the color of mask you choose determines how likely you are to get COVID. If it did, the study is invalid because they failed to normalize for that. But the study was peer reviewed so it must be right (I don’t believe that, but most mainstream scientists do).

That is how bad the blue pill effect is.

No matter how bad the data looks for them, they’ll find a reason to ignore it.

UC Berkeley Computer Science Professor Ben Recht exposed the fraud in November, 2021

For more on the nonsense behind this paper, pay attention to all of Ben Recht’s blog posts. He’s a UC Berkeley professor in EECS. My statisticians say he knows what he is talking about. Here’s the key excerpt from one of his blog posts:

My stats people independently verified he was right (and you can see the graphs yourself in their writeup; these are the graphs the study authors didn’t want anyone to see).

For all of Professor Recht’s posts (well worth reading) and our confirmation paper, see:
Masks don’t work.
“We all know masks don’t work for respiratory viruses as I’ve pointed out in my earlier article which had lots of references. If masks started working all of a sudden against respiratory viruses on command of the CDC, it would be proof that CDC pronouncements can change the laws of physics. That would be big news…”

Read more

Use common sense

Common sense says if you can breathe easily through it, it isn’t filtering.

Common filters used in homes and commercial businesses are rated in, for example MERV units. At about a fifteen MERV rating, a filter will remove all bacterial and even most, if not all, viruses.

Most household motors cannot push air through filters with a high MERV rating. Especially when they start loading with debris, making the motors work even harder to push air through them. Though it would be possible, if you increased the surface area SIGNIFICANTLY. Otherwise, you’d burn up the motor.

For more info

My articles on masks with detailed references:

  1. Do Masks work?
  2. Masks don’t work
  3. P100 respirators (and above) are the only face coverings that have a chance to protect you from COVID
  4. Joe Biden’s ridiculous free N95 mask offer
  5. Vinay Prasad shows deep flaws in CDC mask study that claims masks can reduce infection rates by 86%

Experts on masks

People like Stephen Petty and Tyson Gabriel are experts on masks. If you want to protect yourself from a virus using a mask, the minimum is a P-100 filter on a respirator. The ultimate is P-3 filters on a PAPR which costs from $800 (for all the gear at MiraSafety) to $1,300 for the respirators used in hospitals (like the Imperial College in London) when they operate on COVID patients.

Note that nobody AFAIK has done a study showing that P-3 filters on a PAPR will prevent people from getting infected. This is most easily done with a challenge study using a “placebo” P-3 filter as the comparator.

DHS needs to start arresting doctors, mainstream medical academics, and the mainstream media. All of them.

The data makes it clear that virtually the entire mainstream medical community and mainstream media are spreading COVID misinformation and they need to be arrested by the DHS as domestic terrorists per their new guidelines.

These people are deluding the public into believing masks work, endangering lives.

DHS needs to be making these arrests NOW, before these people can do more damage. Where is DHS when you need them?



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